Who travels with Families Worldwide?

Who Travels with Families Worldwide?

Whether you travel on a small group trip with up to three or four other families, or on your own tailor-made adventure, our trips are designed to help you make the most of your family time away in the destination you are visiting and provide you with a lifetime of memories. However big or small, your family is unique. Every country is unique too, which is why we offer a great deal of flexibility in our holidays.

Who travels with us?

Extended families

Our family adventure holidays have something for everyone, so you can bring the grandparents, aunties, uncles, cousins, friends, godparents or anyone else that is part of your family circle! A private trip can be tailored to meet your requirements, or you can join a group trip with other families. If you have a special occasion to celebrate, such as a big birthday, anniversary or even your last big trip together as a family before the children fly the nest, travelling together is a great way to mark the day.

Single-parent families

If you're a solo parent, joining one of our trips is a great way to make sure you have plenty of support, the kids have plenty to do and there are others around to socialise with too. We get lots of single parent families travelling with us and they find it's a great way to meet other families and get the chance to relax with their own families as well, and with us to take care of the logistics and itinerary, it takes the stress out of it too.

Who travels with us?

Travelling with toddlers

Many parents claim 'toddlerdom' to be the most demanding time to travel with children. However, children in this age category are still compact and highly portable, which means you could contemplate something really quite adventurous, such as a mule-supported trek in Morocco - carrying your child or hiring a porter.

Travelling with teens

Opting to go on a group holiday with other families and their teenage children ensures that they will mix well with like-minded peers and engage with each other as equals, easily making new friends along the way. Socialising through activities provides a perfect cure for any teenage gripes, improves their self-confidence, and helps them feel more independent.

Are you a GUFU? GUFUs are grown-up-family-units that love to travel together. And it's not unusual! We get lots of families join us with older kids, younger kids, grown-up kids and anyone else in between. See all our GUFU departures here.

Who travels with us?

Father & Son or Mother & Daughter

Working parents often miss out on time with their children as they grow up. In particular, we've noticed that fathers feel the need to spend some quality time with their children when they're in their teens.

Sociologists and anthropologists have noticed that today, unlike in early civilisations and tribal cultures, most rites of passage, in which father and son or mother and daughter come together in some kind of initiation, have now disappeared from western culture. These experiences, or 'journeys', help youngsters into adulthood and teach them to face and resolve wounds from the past, as well as inspiring, equipping and empowering them to lead successful lives as adults.

We highly recommend a 'father and son' or 'mother and daughter' holiday - you'll be glad to get them away from the TV screen and the computer, and it's likely that you'll both return with a new-found respect and admiration of each other, thanks to the bonds that are inevitably formed from shared experiences.