Iceland family adventure holiday

Iceland Family Activity and Adventure Holidays

Iceland is a year round destination, high on the bucket list of many an adventurous family. Family adventure holidays here are thrilling and offer a great combination of culture, activity and wild scenery.

Family adventure and activity holidays in Iceland

On a family holiday in Iceland you can enjoy magnificent mountains, glaciers and hot spouting geysers which erupt every eight minutes without fail all year round. Gigantic whales cruise past the shoreline and stocky Icelandic ponies cross your path with their unique gait called the tolt, which is somewhere between a trot and a canter.

Each season certainly has its pros and cons for an Iceland family holiday. Winter sees the vivid tapestry of the Aurora Borealis lighting up the night skies, icebergs crowding the waters and hot springs to warm your bones, surrounded by a landscape of snow and ice. The clue is the name, it is cold and icy in the Icelandic winter but wrap up cosily and you will have the best winter adventure holiday it is possible to have.

Warmer weather brings with it returning migrant birds, including the comical and colourful puffin that settles down to rear small pufflings in burrows on the craggy cliffs. The kinder temperatures mean that summer is the time when more visitors come to Iceland, but be assured that people simply melt into the vastness of the landscape. Glacial water starts cascading over the countless waterfalls, from giants like Gulfoss and Skogafoss to barely-there rainbows catching the light high up in the mountains. Summer too brings the birth of lambs, a momentous event in a country whose sheep population is more than double the human, and whose woollen jumper industry is surpassed by none.

Holiday ideas for Holidays to Iceland in Iceland

Iceland Explorer | 6 days

Iceland Family Activity and Adventure Holidays - Group - Iceland Explorer | 6 days

The nature in Iceland is out to amaze you, from the imposing volcanoes to the roaring waterfalls and incredible natural phenomenon such as The Great Geysir.

Guided Group Family Adventure Holiday

Winter Iceland | 6 days

Iceland Family Activity and Adventure Holidays - Group - Winter Iceland | 6 days

This Iceland family holiday adventure is both magical and memorable. Hveragerdi is a literal hotspot of geothermal acitivity and is the ideal location to watch the Northern Lights.

Guided Group Family Adventure Holiday
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