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Ecuador & Galapagos Family Adventure Holidays

Ecuador packs a wide range of family-friendly attractions into a relatively small space. Enjoy some haggling in the colourful markets of Quito or head to the Andes to see dramatic snow-capped volcanoes. The Galapagos Islands are perfect for wildlife lovers. Stepping onto islands teeming with fearless wildlife or snorkelling in water filled with playful sea lions brings out the big kid in everyone. There can surely be no better place in which to enjoy a holiday in the heart of the natural world. Meet the giant tortoises, spot stars from the boat deck and hop from island to island - just make sure that your camera's memory card is big enough!

Our family activity and adventure holidays in Ecuador and Galapagos are shown below:

Family holidays to Ecuador & the Galapagos

Families Worldwide can provide a range of exciting family adventure holidays to Ecuador & The Galapagos. Enjoy haggling in Quito's colourful markets, see dramatic snow-capped volcanoes in the Andes, explore cloud forest and step onto islands teeming with fearless wildlife. You can go snorkelling, meet giant tortoises and hop from island to island.

"Travelling to Ecuador and the Galapagos with children is definitely to be recommended! There is so much to see and do, from body surfing with penguins to kayaking with sea turtles, swimming with sea lions and cycling past giant tortoises."
The Williams family, Ecuador & Galapagos Tailor-Made

Ecuador has it all: Amazon rainforest, colonial towns, Andean peaks and stunning beaches, all packed into a relatively small space. Quito's crowning jewel is its Old Town, a UNESCO World Heritage site full of beautiful architecture and colonial monuments. Not far from Quito lies the Ecaudorian Amazon, with a huge diversity of wildlife and traditional communities. Off the coast, the unique Galapagos Islands are teeming with fearless creatures, many found nowhere else in the world - this is one of the few places left on Earth where the human footprint is minimal.

For the best time of year to travel to Ecuador & The Galapagos, please contact one of our consultants for information about climate, local costs and your day-by-day itinerary.

Here is an example of the kind of accommodation we can offer in Ecuador & The Galapagos. Please contact us for a greater selection.

Accommodation ideas for Holidays to Ecuador & The Galapagos Accommodation Ideas

Amazon - Sacha Jungle Lodge

Ecuador & Galapagos Family Adventure Holidays - Amazon - Sacha Jungle Lodge

Set within a 5,000-acre private ecological reserve in Ecuador's Amazon region, in an accessible yet pristine rainforest sanctuary, Sacha Jungle Lodge is reached by motorised canoe down the Napo River.

Galapagos - Finch Bay eco-hotel

Ecuador & Galapagos Family Adventure Holidays - Galapagos - Finch Bay eco-hotel

A full-service hotel with excellent standards, situated on the island of Santa Cruz.

Galapagos - Floreana Lava Lodge

Ecuador & Galapagos Family Adventure Holidays - Galapagos - Floreana Lava Lodge

As Floreana is one of the smallest inhabited Galapagos Islands, Floreana Lava Lodge is one of the few places to stay. It's a beautiful family run lodge in an excellent location. The lodge is a perfect...

Galapagos - La Pinta

Ecuador & Galapagos Family Adventure Holidays - Galapagos - La Pinta

La Pinta is a motor-yacht offering a luxurious expedition around the Galapagos Islands. If you want the ultimate treat, then this is the boat for you. With a capacity of just 48 guests, it boasts...

Liveaboard - Anahi

Ecuador & Galapagos Family Adventure Holidays - Liveaboard - Anahi

A powerful catamaran all cabins have private facilities and are air conditioned.

Liveaboard - Yacht Santa Cruz

Ecuador & Galapagos Family Adventure Holidays - Liveaboard - Yacht Santa Cruz

Built especially for Galapagos cruising. Expedition team consists of a chief naturalist and five multilingual naturalists guides.

Otavalo - Hacienda Pinsaqui

Ecuador & Galapagos Family Adventure Holidays - Otavalo - Hacienda Pinsaqui

Set in the lake district and rich in history, the Hacienda Pinsaqui is situated at the base of Imbabura Volcano, just north of Otavalo.

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